Valuation Subscription Service

For most people their home is their single biggest investment. You track your retirement accounts and bank statements monthly, but how often do you include the value of your home in your planning? Services like Zillow can be as much as 40% off. Sometimes more. Can you imagine your 401k being reported to you that inconsistently? Some services rely on assessed value for tracking a homes worth. Again, the accuracy of these can vary greatly. We’ve noted some that were off by more than $100,000. 

Why Subscribe?

For a one time fee of $199, and an annual fee of $99 our Valuation Subscription Service is meant to keep you informed of the local market and the value of your property. The purpose of the service it to act as a financial statement for your personal knowledge and financial planning of your personal or investment property. The service is an annual appraisal with a certificate of value to file with your other financial statements. The service can be used for personal homes as well as investment property.


If we have completed an appraisal for you in the past year you may already be enrolled for no additional fee! Please check with us to see if you qualify.

What you get with the service includes:


An annual certificate of value for the subscribed property.

An annual report of the past years market including detailed data on what type of property is selling for the highest amount.

A quarterly newsletter with value trend updates and an informative article.

Peace of mind knowing that you have the most recent estimate of the value of your property.

Measurement service and sketch of the house is available.

Similar service for commercial property is available. Contact us for details.

Yearly Updates

Quarterly Newsletter