One of the most common frustrations that I hear about from real estate agents is that they are not allowed to talk to the appraiser. It is true that we can not discuss the results of an assignment without our client's permission; however, contact between an appraiser and agent is not prohibited. We are always happy to help with your deal in any way we can, whether it is an assignment we are working on or just one you have specific questions about. Call or email us, we're here to help. Below is a link to our new forum that can answer more general questions, created specifically for real estate agents.

Answers from an Appraiser

A new, closed Facebook group that you are free to ask any appraisal related questions on. The group is limited to real estate agents in our community.


We offer a variety of services specifically for real estate agents; commercial and residential. These services include:

  • Pre-Listing Appraisals

    Sometimes it’s tough to tell a client their expectation of their home’s value is too high. Often times, an appraisal from a reputable, and qualified appraiser can help bring expectations back to normal. A pre-listing appraisal can save a client a lot of time and money in the long run.

  • Post-Listing Appraisals

    Similar to a pre-listing appraisal, however this service would be used after a property has been on the market. It might be time to lower the price, but the clients have their minds set on something different. Post-listing appraisals are also common when an offer has been made on a property, and your client doesn’t know if it’s a fair offer or one they should accept.

  • Appraisals for Cash Transactions

    Cash buyers need the same assurance that a bank would, maybe even more so. If you have cash buyers, we can help with easing their mind in the transaction.

  • Government Insured Financing Consulting

    It’s tough to keep up with FHA/USDA/VA regulations. It’s even tough for us. We offer consultations to determine if the property will meet these minimum property standards.

  • Agent Office Meetings

    If you’re looking for ideas for your office meetings, or have specific appraisal questions I am happy to visit with your office. This is a service I offer at no fee. Call for more information.