The Reasons of Real Estate Overpricing and the Resulting Effects

Overpricing can really dampen the sale of a property and become a real problem for both the agent and the seller. But whose fault is it? Most homeowners want to maximize profit from the sale of their home and agents to maximize their commission. Sellers are monetarily and emotionally invested … Read More

Are Concessions Part of the Sales Price?

Everyone understands that the purpose of a professional appraisal is to determine the actual value of the property. There are many reasons why appraisals are ordered but the most common reason is to determine the actual value of a property for a new home loan. When a home is sold, … Read More

Fannie Mae Considers Pilot Program for New Construction

It was recently announced that Fannie Mae was considering a pilot program that aimed at addressing the lack of affordable housing throughout the U.S. Details are still somewhat sketchy, but here is what we’ve learned so far: The program would allow the lender to sell the loan on the first … Read More

When Price Doesn’t Equal Value

As the market rolled through the summer, busier than we’ve had in nearly 9 years, appraisers were once again put in the spotlight. I read articles about appraisers “killing” deals, and saw news reports talking about how we held up the home-buying process. I have a lot of thoughts on … Read More

Will Technology Replace You?

Technology—you’ve gotta love it. With it I can gather every bit of data I need – from viewing a home on my phone (photos included), and sending it wirelessly to my office computer. It’s impressive. It’s amazing the changes we have seen in the past few years, let alone in … Read More

Hire a Vet!

The path to becoming an appraiser has its challenges. This exact topic has been in the spotlight within the industry for a while, but never more so than over the past year. Increased demand for appraisal services has raised the question: Is getting into the profession too hard? The Appraisal … Read More

When does a manufactured home become a non-manufactured home?

When does a manufactured home become a non-manufactured home? It’s a fairly common question that I get, but not one with a very simple answer. Well perhaps simple, but not very satisfying to some. It’s important to first understand what makes a manufactured home a manufactured home. We’re talking about … Read More

How Much Do Appraisers Make?

How many appraisals can you do in a day? What is the going rate for an appraisal? These are common questions that come up in conversation. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to appraisers around the country, and I have a pretty good feel for what appraisers are being paid. … Read More

3 Ideas To Protect Your Home’s Value

“What can I do to increase the value of my home?” That’s one of the most common questions I get. “Should I update my bathroom or kitchen? Is a new roof more important than new siding?” Knowing where to put your money when making major improvements is important; however, I’m thinking … Read More

The Art of Appraising

You may have heard the saying before; “Appraising is not a science, it’s an art.” I’ve used it myself. That does not mean, however, that I consider myself an artist. I have done a bit of sketching from time to time, but never anything good enough to make a living … Read More