Hire a Vet!

The path to becoming an appraiser has its challenges. This exact topic has been in the spotlight within the industry for a while, but never more so than over the past year. Increased demand for appraisal services has raised the question: Is getting into the profession too hard? The Appraisal … Read More

How Much Do Appraisers Make?

How many appraisals can you do in a day? What is the going rate for an appraisal? These are common questions that come up in conversation. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to appraisers around the country, and I have a pretty good feel for what appraisers are being paid. … Read More

The Art of Appraising

You may have heard the saying before; “Appraising is not a science, it’s an art.” I’ve used it myself. That does not mean, however, that I consider myself an artist. I have done a bit of sketching from time to time, but never anything good enough to make a living … Read More

Welcome to The Moore Appraisal Firm

Welcome, and thank you for finding www.mooreappraisalfirm.com. As you may have read in our home page, we are a real estate appraisal company established in Helena around 1965, by Jack B Moore. Over the past 50 or so years, two generations have followed in Jack’s footsteps, including Joe Moore, IFAS … Read More